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Affordable Surgical Treatments in Thailand

We thrive in providing you with the best medical experience. Almurshidi Medical Agency pride in providing best online quotation to a wide variety of medical services. Whether it’s a pain relief or a completely different treatment, our specialized staff is right here for you. It is a one-stop medical agency for all your medical tourism needs.

Almurshidi Medical Agency takes pride in providing the best medical tourism services in a friendly yet professional environment. We are a proud Thailand medical agency representing more than 15 hospitals, medical centres, and clinics.

Our team have professionals that are connected with the doctors and clinics to give you best on ground support in Thailand. Our company have link with diversified healthcare centres that use the latest technology in surgical and various other medical procedures. We reduce your research work and create happiness by giving you affordable medical and cosmetic estimate before you fly to Thailand.

Medical treatment in Thailand

Travelling to Thailand for medical treatment is a growing trend due to many factors. Often seen as a place for relaxing in the sun, Thailand is also one of the leading destinations for Medical Tourism in Asia (official estimates state over 1,000,000 people travelled to Thailand for treatment in 2015). From heart, spine, and cancer surgeries and treatments to as easy as teeth whitening, the chance to combine your hospital surgery or treatment with a holiday is seen by many people as a far better option than staying home. It makes sense when you consider the vast experience of dealing with foreign visitors, excellent customer service and world class hospitals Thailand – and Bangkok, in particular.

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