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As we work with more than 15 hospitals in Bangkok, we can give you the best appointments depending on doctors availability and for emergency cases, we can arrange for you to be sent directly to Emergency hospital within our hospitals network.


We would be happy to setup your appointments with our network of hospitals and clinics, please contact us by calling, whatsApp, contact form our email.

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We are available to take your call or messages all days of the week.

Welcome to AlMurshidi Medical Tourism Agency

We work hard to make your medical or cosmetic treatment visit to Thailand as pleasant as possible, with an understanding team of professionals and dedicated customer service who put your needs first.

What make us different than others,that we continue expanding our network and offers, as we work with current and new medical and beauty providers, we will always offer you several options and plans, to make sure your needs are met.

About us


Almurshidi Medical Agency takes pride in providing the best medical tourism services in a friendly yet professional environment. We are a proud Thailand medical agency representing more than 15 hospitals, medical centres, and clinics. Our team have professionals that are connected with the doctors and clinics to give you best on ground support in Thailand. Our company have link with diversified healthcare centres that use the latest technology in surgical and various other medical procedures. We reduce your research work and create happiness by giving you affordable medical and cosmetic estimate before you fly to Thailand.

  • Advanced Treatments
  • Lowest Possible Prices
  • Relaxed Holiday
  • Stress-free medical aid
  • World class doctors
  • Great Customer care
  • Free online quotation
  • Neurology, Cardiology & Pulmonary treatments
  • Pregnancy, IVF, & Birth Care
  • Non-Surgical & Cosmetic Procedures
  • Stem Cell treatments & Storage


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With the highly qualified medical


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