Covid Insurance

How to enter the Kingdom of Thailand?

Three things have to be considered before visiting Thailand for both Thai Nationals and Foreign Nationals.

1. Covid-19 Insurance Policy: You can click here if you want to buy online.

Aside from a mandatory state quarantine, visitors should secure a Covid-19 Insurance policy that can be bought online and this will be sent instantly to the customer.  The Covid 19- Insurance should be submitted to have a copy of the Certificate of Entry (CoE).

There are various Covid-19 Insurance Plans which differ on the coverage depending on the number of days the traveler intended to visit Thailand.  A minimum of 30 days to 365 days are available.

The policy covers the costs for the following but is not limited to:

  • Coverage up to 3.5 million Thailand Baht (100,000 US Dollar)
  • Testing and Treatment
  • Quarantine
  • Cost of any medication prescribed

2. Certificate of Entry (CoE)

The traveler should have secured a valid COE or Certificate of Entry.    This is included when you apply for Covid-19 Insurance.  A certificate will be provided to facilitate application for the CoE to present to relevant authorities when departing/arriving from/to Thailand.  Applying is easy and a certificate can be provided in less than 5 minutes.

3. Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ)

This is a mandatory requirement for both Thai Nationality and Foreign Nationality to undergo quarantine at any of the accredited Alternative State Quarantine or ASQ Hotels accredited for the Ministry of Health.  Regardless of the vaccine the travelers have had, isolation is still a must.

Some of the ASQ Hotels are as follow:

  • The Landmark Hotel Bangkok
  • Graceland and Grace Hotels Bangkok
  • Eleven Hotel Bangkok

When can we visit the Kingdom of Thailand?

The government has announced on 6 September 2021 that Thailand is soon to reopen on November 2021 since 70% of people are expected to be vaccinated by the end of October 2021.  However, the above aforementioned are still to be regarded.

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