Best Virgin Tightening Surgery in Thailand


Pleasurable sex is said to be attainable when both partners are compatible in size, it is said to be less pleasurable when a smaller penis is paired with a large vaginal opening giving minimal pleasure to both partners.

The vaginal width can change due to giving birth, hormonal factors and the natural aging process. 

Many couples alike have suffered with this issue to the point of being the cause of separation though harmony in partnership cannot be measured to sexual satisfaction but still the desire for sexual fulfillment is one of the strongest and most basic needs of a human being.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Penis enlargement is possible although it could only lengthen the size but not the girth moreover not fixing the issue.

Narrowing of the vagina by means of tissue removal is more suggested since vaginal width can give pleasurable sex when tight enough for both parties involved giving more friction.

Vaginal Rejuvenation is considered one of the most effective ways of tightening the vagina as well as attaining a more pleasurable sexual intercourse. 

Surgical correction of anatomical changes adaptation to the partner is more effectively achieved in women than in man since a women vaginal size can either be widened or tightened unlike the males penis where it could only be increased in length and not in size.

The Procedure

Vaginal tightening can be done by removing tissues and tightening the vaginal muscles surrounding the vagina and adding additional lining of the vaginal walls using the body’s own fat tissue.

It can also be done by injecting autologous fat tissue into the vaginal wall.

When deciding to undergo vaginal rejuvenation one must have a physical examination first in order to decide the type of procedure that will be done to complete the rejuvenation; to do this an experienced professional is necessary.

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