Breast Cancer Screening in Thailand

Breast Cancer Screening aims to find breast cancers early. It uses an X-ray test called mammogram that can spot cancers when they’re too small to see or feel. 

Screening is used to look for cancers before a person has any symptoms or signs. Scientists have developed, and continue to develop, tests that can be used to screen a person for specific types of cancer. 

The overall goals of cancer screening are to;

  • Lower the number of people who develop the disease 
  • Lower the number of people who die from the disease, or eliminate deaths from cancer altogether. 
  • Identify people with a higher risk of a specific type of cancer who may need screening more often due to genetic mutations or diseases

Screening tests may include laboratory tests to check blood and other fluids, genetic tests that look for inherited genetic markers linked to disease, and imaging tests that produce pictures of the inside of the body.

These tests are typically available to the general population; however, an individual’s needs for a specific screening test are based on factors such as age, gender and family history.

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