V-shaped faces are said to add that special feminine touch and lends a more youthful and dainty appearance. 

Facial Contouring (V-line) Surgery in Korea is primarily aimed at reshaping the jaw bone.

To make face “V-shaped”, the jaw has to be refined and angled first. This is particularly true for certain ethnic populations which are genetically predisposed to have wider and squarer jaws (e.g. Koreans). In this procedure, the plastic surgeon will shave the jaw bone to soften the jaw line and make it more feminine.

Some plastic surgeons have further refined this procedure to ensure that the jaw bone does not look too angular after the rasping procedure. They achieve this by ensuring that the removed portion of the jaw bone traces a curve rather than a straight line.

Immediately after the surgery, you will be required to wear a sort of facial mask which presses tightly against your skin to keep the post-operative swelling down. You will also not be allowed to have hard foods which require chewing as this will delay the recovery time and might cause bleeding.

Most of the swelling will dissipate in one month. It can, however, take between 3 to 6 months for the face to look completely natural.

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