Langerhans Cells Hystiocytosis Treatment in Thailand

Langerhans cell histiocytosis (LCH) is a rare cancer involving clonal proliferation of Langerhans cells, abnormal cells deriving from bone marrow and capable of migrating from skin to lymph nodes. 

LCH is a type of cancer that can damage tissue or cause lesions to form in one or more places in the body. Family history of cancer or having a parent who was exposed to certain chemicals may increase the risk of LCH.

Signs and Symptoms 

The signs and symptoms of LCH depend on where it is on the body. It can show up on many places on the body, but most often on the skin and bones. It can affect any organ, including the lungs, liver. Brain. Spleen. Or lymph nodes. 

In about 8 out of 20 people, LCH leads to tumors called granulomas in the skull and in other bones. That can cause pain and swelling, and sometimes it can fracture the arms or legs. 

LCH symptoms can range from mild to more serious. Some people are born with it, and the disease eventually goes away on its own. But others have a severe and long-lasting type that affects multiple parts of the body.

Along with the bones, it can also affect the; 

  • Skin
  • Liver
  • Lymph nodes 


Single-system LCH may disappear on its own without any treatment. In some children, treatment such as surgery and corticosteroids (such as prednisolone) may be used. Multi-system LCH is usually treated with chemotherapy and corticosteroids. The length of treatment varies from child to child. 

Nine types of standard treatment are usually used; 

  • Chemotherapy
  •  Surgery
  • Radiation therapy 
  • Photodynamic therapy
  • Immunotherapy
  • Targeted therapy
  • Other drug therapy 
  • Stem cell transplant
  • Observation

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