NK Cell Therapy in Thailand

Immune system is a natural defensive system created by the body structure through biological processes such as tissue cells, organs and molecules. The immune system acts to prevent and resist various diseases. 

Types of immune system

  1. Innate Immunity, such as NK cells (natural killer cells, which are components of the innate immune system from the bone marrow, considered as one of white blood cell)
  1. Adaptive Immunity, consisted of
    • Active Immunity : created after the body receives antigens or specific weak pathogens of a disease, for instance, vaccines used to protect from that specific disease
    • Passive Immunity : an immunity derived from blood of living things provided by injecting it to the body in order to resist the spread of disease immediately such as, serum that used to cure snake poison, rabies, tetanus, diphtheria and breast milk.

The immune system works like having a strong army team that can protect the body from the invasion of various germs like, bacteria, viruses, or germs. Each of them has different sizes. A small size of it is like a virus that our body can easily attack. 

However, if the size is big (tumor) then it is necessary to have more numbers of strong immunity to fight against it. 

The body immunity that has both good amount and quality, the attack from infection, cancer and other diseases will be stopped, therefore the body will go back to its normal condition. 

NK Cells Function

Army teams of the nonspecific immune system in the body include NK Cells (natural killer cells) considered as a type of white blood cell, known as “Lymphocyte”. This cell is a component of the immune system compared as a frontier that fights against dangerous foreign cells.

Clinical studies have shown that high doses of NK cells infused as an adoptive immunotherapy can reduce residual disease and strengthen the body’s ability to fight cancer.

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