Post Stroke Rehabilitation in Thailand

More than 700,000 people suffer strokes each year, and approximately two-thirds of these individuals survive and require rehabilitation. Few are prepared for this sudden and often catastrophic event, but rehabilitation rates are encouraging. In some cases, brain cell damage may be temporary and may resume functioning over time. 

In other cases, the brain can reorganize its own functions and a region of the brain “takes over” for a region damaged by the stroke. 

After a stroke, rehabilitation programs are critical in helping patients regain lost skills, relearn tasks, and work to be independent again. 

After hospitalization for stroke, many patients still have problems with physical, speech, and mental functions. Rehabilitation for these problems can be provided in a variety of settings.

Options for Stroke Rehabilitation

  • Acute Rehabilitation – three or more hours of therapy provided five days a week, and sometimes over the weekend. Patients at this level of care must demonstrate the ability to tolerate and benefit from intensive exercise and training
  • Subacute or skilled nursing rehabilitation – one or two hours of rehabilitation treatment are provided five days a week. Patients in this setting are often recovering from difficult medical problems, and are able to tolerate a moderate pace of exercise
  • Outpatient rehabilitation – This means that the patient lives at home and travels two or three times a week to a rehabilitation facility for a few hours of treatment.
  • Rehabilitation in the home – This kind of rehabilitation usually is for homebound patients with very mild problems and extensive family support.
  • Long-term acute care (LTAC) hospital rehabilitation – These rehabilitation services are provided in special hospital units that are designed to care for patients with major medical problems requiring intense treatment (patients that require ventilators for breathing, dialysis, drugs that support heart function).
  • Nursing home restorative care – Patients participate in an exercise program a few hours a week, generally in a group setting.

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