Regulation and Policy for Treatment in Bangkok During Covid 19

Almurshidi Medical Tourism Agency always welcomes you to receive the medical services in our hospital. However, to travel to Thailand, you must apply for the certificate of entry from the Royal Thai embassy in your country of residence.

The patient and attendant (s) must be quarantined for 14 days upon arrival to comply with the protocols of the Department of Disease Control and the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand in the midst of the pandemic of COVID-19.

Below is the guideline to request certificate of entry to Thailand for treatment, and the quarantine protocols. 

Request certificate of entry to Thailand for treatment;

1. Contact your local hospital to issue the Referral Letter or Medical Report stating that you need further treatment in Thailand.

2. Contact Almurshidi Medical Tourism Agency to issue the Confirmation Letter from your attending doctor and request approval from the Thai Ministry of Health.

3. Buy insurance for both patient and attendant(s), cover for COVID-19 treatment during your stay in Thailand in an amount at the minimum of 100,000 USD.

4. Prepare a financial statement to cover for treatment cost or (sponsorship of treatment) 5. Obtain COVID-19 test (RT-PCR) and Medical Certificate stating that you and the attendant have negative result.

6. Arrange the Affidavit of support document for the attendant (Statement of relationship with patient).

7. Contact The Royal Thai Embassy in your country to issue the certificate of entry (Documents No.1-6 are required).

8. Your final approval to enter into Thailand will be finalized by The Royal Thai government

Traveling for treatment

9. After receiving approval of entry to Thailand, you will arrange air ambulance or book air tickets and send the confirmation of travel date to Almurshidi Medical Tourism Agency for further arrangement.

10. The following documents are required to submit to The Thai Ministry of Health prior to 72 hours of patient arrival. 

For patient 

1. A copy of Passport and VISA approval

2. Certificate of Entry

3. Confirmation letter from Hospital

4. Medical Certificate (issued within 72 hours before traveling)

5. COVID-19 test (RT-PCR) with negative result (issued within 72 hours before traveling)

6. Insurance (coverage for COVID treatment at least 100,000 USD)

7. Financial statement to cover for treatment cost or (sponsorship of treatment)

8. Referral Letter from a local hospital indicated the need of further treatment 

For attendant

1. A copy of Passport and VISA approval

2. Affidavit of support (Statement of relationship with patient)

3. Medical Certificate for general passenger (issued within 72 hours before traveling)

4. COVID-19 test (RT-PCR) with negative result (issued within 72 hours before traveling)

5. Health insurance / Travel Insurance (coverage COVID treatment at least 100,000 USD)

11. Once we have received the required documents, we will proceed to admission and send the confirmation arrangement. 

Hospital Quarantine (AHQ) The patient will be quarantined in Isolation Ward in the hospital for 15 nights. One attendant could be quarantined with the patient. Another attendant (if any) will be quarantined in a separated room

• The hospital quarantined room rates are special discount as following: 

– 6,000 THB / night for standard room type – 8,800 THB / night for deluxe room type – 11,500 THB / night for superior room type – This price includes 3 meals/day for the patient only. The extra charge of 1,350 THB will be applied for the 3 meals of each attendant. 

• The COVID-19 tests will be repeated for both patient and attendant on day 0, 7 and 14 of the quarantine period. The package price is 13,500 THB for patient and 15,500 THB for one attendant (include DF) 

• During the 15 nights of quarantine at Isolation Ward, most investigations and treatment will be given. 

• The attendants who stay in a separate room can visit the patient twice a day. 

• The selected room type depends on the patient condition and availability of room on the admission date. 

Note: The patient and attendant (s) are not allowed to leave the quarantine room until completing the duration of 14 days

What you should expect and comply when arrived at the Suvarnabhumi Airport

• You must show

1. the Medical Certificate stating that you have negative result of COVID-19 (validity within 72 hours prior to the departure date).

2. The Certificate of Entry 3. Health Insurance

• You have to download the “AOT Airport of Thailand” mobile application (by scanning the QR Code upon arrival) to record their information and monitor their health signs and symptoms until completing the duration of quarantine or self-monitoring period. 

• Our staff will let you know which exit to take so they could take you to the hospital. 

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