Affordable Male Chest Reduction in Thailand

Some men experience insecurity with enlarged breasts or “man boobs” as it is not conventional. Most of the time large or protruding breasts are only associated with women and not men causing differing opinions of which is a standard figure for men and women and can lead to lack of confidence in men. 

The size of a male breasts is usually a genetic condition and no amount of dieting and exercise can remove the excess fat.

Many options have been made available when it comes to cosmetic enhancements and treatments to better achieve the physical appearance that humans wish to have; one example is Male Breast Liposuction Vaser.

Male Breast Liposuction Vaser is a procedure to reduce the breast size of a male individual. It is similar to liposuction to other parts of the body. It can also tighten the breast and give a toned look. 

Benefits of getting a Male Breast Lipo Vaser:

  • It tightens the skin meaning there will be no loose skin after the fat removal
  • Fast recovery, downtime only lasting up to 48 hours
  • Minimally invasive with low risk of negative side effects as is usually associated with cosmetic surgery
  • Minimal pain as it is conducted with numbing agent
  • Results appear gradually and consistent with proper diet and exercise
  • Cheaper than other cosmetic surgeries offered!

What We Offer

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