Best Colon Cleansing Sessions in Thailand

Colon cleansing is usually associated with colonoscopy as a pre-preparation for the procedure; however colon cleansing can also be done for the purpose of detoxification. 

During colon cleansing large amounts of water and other substances such as herbs or coffee are flushed through the colon. This is to cleanse the harmful toxins that are present in the colon that may cause health problems.

The condition of our colon is important for our digestive health. It is believed that colon should be cleansed for optimal digestive wellness. 

Ways to do colon cleansing:

  1. Water Flush – drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated can regulate the digestive system 
  2. Salt Water Flush – salt water can clean the digestive system when paired with certain yoga poses
  3. High Fiber Diet – fiber is essential macronutrient that can promote healthy digestive movement
  4. Juices and Smoothies – moderate intake of fresh fruit juices is good for the colon

A health professional is necessary when doing colon cleansing for a healthy and appropriate diet plan to achieve a successful colon cleansing.

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