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Dreaming of being welcomed into a country like a  VIP? Here’s your chance. 


Bangkok, Thailand– Today, a VIP meet and greet airport service at Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok has been added to the number of customer care services offered by Almurshidi Medical Agency to its customers. This service aims at sharing love and happiness with customers by giving them a warm welcome at the airport. It is the first step in creating a relaxed and friendly environment, a happy mindset helps in the overall healing process and pleasurable experience.

A recent survey revealed that about 500,000 of the 19 million visitors that came to Thailand yearly, travelled specifically for medical treatment. About 1.4 million international patients received medical treatment last year and the number is increasing annually. According to the BBC: Medical tourism in Thailand is growing at a yearly rate of 16 percent, while in financial terms the foreign medical services sector is expected to make a whopping 100 billion baht. Currently, medical tourism makes up 0.4 percent of the GDP’’. These numbers show how fast the sector is growing.

Dr. Hamdan Almurshidi with Almurshidi Medical Agency said ‘‘our agency’s competitive edge lies in the fact that we offer personalized medical care, including  services like airport meet and greet, tourism and leisure activities to our clients. Since medical care in the developed countries is not only expensive but  impersonal, our approach is highly appreciated by patients from these countries’’.

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Almurshidi Medical Agency is company that offers guidance and support to those who travel to Thailand for medical care. Our approach is personalized to meet client’s specific needs and packages are tailormade to suit individual demands and finances. We represent many different clinics and hospitals specialized in domains like Neurology, Cardiology & Pulmonary treatments, Pregnancy, IVF, & Birth Care, Cosmetic surgery, Stem Cell treatments & Storage, Hair transplant and Dental care. We help you choose the right medical facility, give you an estimate, welcome you at the airport, guide you through the treatment and provide leisure when all is done.


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