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Using regular medical checkup as a gateway to a longer and healthy life

Today,  Almurshidi Medical Agency launched a ‘‘Healthy Life’’ campaign focused on affordable annual medical checkup. This initiative aims to promote healthy living by making advanced medical check up available to the general public. Late diagnosis is one of the main reasons why certain medical conditions become chronic. The primary reason for this campaign is to make sure everyone can have access to proper and affordable medical check up at least once a year.


‘’Our company takes great pride in providing access to the best medical services in a friendly and professional environment’’ said Dr. Hamdan Al Murshidi, CEO of the Almurshidi Medical Agency. ‘’A medical check up helps find problems before they arise, sometimes it’s what’s standing between you and a severe medical condition. An early diagnosis from a routine check up saves lives every year. We want to encourage and inspire people to take charge of their health’’.


Cardiovascular diseases and noncommunicable diseases like diabetes are the number one cause of low life expectancy, studies show that preventive medicine i s one of the best ways to solve this problem.

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