Ankle fusion is a surgery which fuses bones of your ankle into one piece. This surgery is used to treat arthritis in ankle. An ankle fusion is a surgical procedure that removes the surfaces of the ankle joint for the purpose of promoting fusion between the tibia and the talus. 

In an arthroscopic ankle fusion a keyhole approach is made to the front of the ankle and the joint surfaces are prepared for fusion. This means that any bone spurs are shaved away, the remaining cartilage covering the joint is cleared down to the underlying bone which is then breached so that bleeding surfaces are reached. When this process is complete screws are put across the joint through separate small 5-10 mm incisions on the inside of the lower leg whilst ensuring that the foot is in a flat 90 degree position. 

Three bones make up ankle joint:

  • Tibia (Shinbone)
  • Fibula (small bone of the lower leg)
  • Talus (bone which fits between Tibia and Fibula socket)


  • pain relief
  • the fused joint is stable again
  • patients will be able to bear weight on the fused joint without pain
  • ability to walk and perform usual activities is restored


The recovery time for ankle fusion surgery usually takes 6 to 16 weeks before you can put weight on the ankle and leg. Time varies by patient.

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