Autism is a development disorder. It has effects on behavior of a person, characterized by difficulties in social interaction and communication along with repetitive and restricted behavior (American Psychological Association, 1994, World Health Organizations, 1994). According to latest research one in 68 babies born in USA have autistic disorder.


  • Communication difficulties
  • Verbal trouble
  • Repetitive and restricted behavior

The developmental differences become apparent at 18 to 36 months of age.

Following is the list of symptoms extracted by research to help parents identify this developmental change at early age of their child.


  • unusual routine
  • repetition of words
  • resistance of  being held
  • repetitious motor movements
  • laughing, crying or showing distress for no reason
  • using body language
  • not responding to verbal instructions


There are no proper tests to diagnose autism till now. Doctor rely on observations by talking with parents about the child to make diagnosis. Doctors examine a group of three behaviors to diagnose ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). First one is communication, difficulty of child in communicating with others including difficulty in making eye contact. Second one is verbal interactions, child may have trouble in conversing verbally, he mostly rely on pointing instead of speaking. Third one is repetitive behaviors like a narrow range of interests or moving constantly in repetitive pattern.


There is no single known cause of autism however there are different theories.

Some theories say it is because of genetic cause and other supports it to be because of environmental factor.


Along with the challenges described above, autistic people have areas of strength as well. Many people with autism are superior at systemizing, they analyze objects and events, observe their structure and patterns, and predict their future. Some people with autism have abilities in discrete areas like mathematics, music or art.


Currently no medicines are developed which can treat autism to 100%. However we can minimize the effects of autism by using medicines and most importantly behavior therapies suggested by researches. Early it is diagnosed, more are chances of minimizing its effects. Main goal of treatment is to lessen effects of autism and make their life worth living.  Special education programs and behavior therapy early in life can help children acquire self-care, communication, and job skills. They decrease symptoms severity and improve functioning.

Special education programs and therapies early in life help children acquiring self-care,

  • Treatment for autism need to be customized for every person suffering from it. Symptoms of autism are so wide that it needs every patient to be assessed individually.
  • Structured teaching
  • Behavior models
  • Speech therapy
  • Social skills
  • Early intensive ABA therapy has shown positive effects in communication and adaptive function in pre-school children.

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