Best Forehead Augmentation in Thailand

The forehead is the most visible part of the face which is one-third of the face. Everyone wants to have a beautiful and attractive forehead that matches their gender. 

Ideally a feminine forehead should be around six centimeters wide without lumps, curves, and smooth, whereas masculine foreheads are more extensive, higher, and backward. 

A perfectly beautiful face displays a balanced facial profile with a round forehead that enhances facial glow. Each person has different shapes of forehead depending on heredity, nationality, or gender. 

Forehead augmentation is a surgery where an appropriate size of a silicon is implanted into the forehead or Gore-Tex flake under the forehead skin to achieve augmentation and compensate forehead bone depression or unevenness. 

The procedure 

Foreheads implants surgery is usually performed by general anesthesia. The incision line is made 1-2 cm behind the hairline. Through the incision, the surgeon creates space for the forehead implant and fits it over a forehead bone.

Forehead implant alone typically takes 1 hour to perform. Following the surgery, the incision will suture, and the forehead may be covered by an elastic bandage. 

Forehead Implant is Recommended 

  • If a person have a dent on their face
  • If they have asymmetrical areas on their face
  • If they want extra volume on their face
  • If they want to give depth to their face

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