Express pick-up and passport clearance at Suvarnabhumi Airport  in Bangkok, Thailand


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There is no need to walk the long distance from the Plane to the Passport clearance counter and wait for hours in queues to collect the passports and then collect the bags. You can Travel Hassle-free to your destination with Almurshidi Medical Tourism.

Now we offer you a VIP service to receive from the plane and transfer you by electric golf cart from the plane gate to passport clearance Without waiting in the queues and then taking you to the baggage collection point in the moving belt.
We can also provide transportation service from the airport to any destination in Thailand by car or modern vans.


  • Reception at the gate of the aircraft with a board with the person’s name written on it.
  • Transferring the person or the group to the Passport Clearance Counter and clearing the passports without waiting.
  • Transfer the person or the group to the Moving belt to wait for the bags.
  • Transport the person or the group to the exit gate.
  • If there is a car or a bus waiting for you, arrangements will be made for you
  • If you need Transportation from our side, We can arrange a Car or Van as per your request from the Airport to any destination with Advance Reservation.


We provide this service to everyone, without exception, through our corporate partners at the airport, who provide us with special rates.

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