Best LDL Apheresis Cost in Thailand

People with high cholesterol are much more at risk of getting a cardiac arrest than those that don’t. Maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is necessary in order to maintain cholesterol level and keeping track of cholesterol intake is a must.

When healthy diet and lifestyle is not enough to maintain low cholesterol level physicians advise undergoing Lipoprotein Apheresis to remove lipoprotein cholesterol from the blood.

Lipoprotein Apheresis involves physical removal from the blood and is employed in where lifestyle and pharmacologic treatment is not capable of decreasing lipoproteins to acceptable levels.

There are several methods in doing Lipoprotein Apheresis such as;

  • Precipitation
  • Adsorption
  • Filtration

Lipoprotein Apheresis is usually done on a weekly or a biweekly schedule to maintain healthy cholesterol level. Keeping track of the low density lipoprotein cholesterol is a good way of preventing the development of a cardiovascular related disease.

Doing Lipoprotein Apheresis is a long and tedious process since it usually lasts for 1.5 – 4 hours per session and having a professional cater to your needs is a must.

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