Best Botox Injection Prices in Thailand

Botox has 3 purposes that it is used for; muscle spasm control, cosmetic improvement and severe underarm sweating.

The most common reason for people getting botox is for cosmetic improvement as it smooths out wrinkles or frown lines that makes you look unhappy, frowning and older.

A wrinkle is usually prominent when smiling, frowning or just generally unhappy but when going through the natural aging process wrinkles can visibly show even when you have a straight face.

Botox can help smooth out wrinkles that are caused by the natural aging process. It is injected into the muscles where it would block the nerves impulses to those tissues.

The muscle activity that causes frown lines to appear is minimized and smoothens the result.

After getting botox injection the results can normally show within 2-4 days as that’s the time it takes for the injection to properly attach to the nerve endings that cause wrinkles to appear.

Botox injection has minimal pain as they only use the small injections and the pain is numb by a local anesthesia.

The longevity of the effect of Botox infection depends on the following circumstances;

  • Age, the younger you are the longer the effect lasts
  • Facial structures and expression
  • Lifestyle and habits, smoking can decrease the longevity of the effect
  • Exposure to direct sunlight can decrease the length of the effect
  • The amount of times you had use botox injection, but the reaction is case to case basis

In order to attain the best Botox injection and achieve the results you wanted a good practitioner is needed!

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