Stroke is condition when blood flows in a poor way to brain or supply of blood to a part of brain is cut off. Brain cells become deprived of oxygen and begin to die. This affects functioning of parts controlled by that part of brain. Patient is unable to do activities related with affected part.

Physical therapy

For most of the stroke patients, rehabilitation involves physical therapy. Physical therapy helps them to perform daily routine motor tasks such as walking, sitting, standing, lying etc. Main goal of physical therapy is to make stroke survivors life better and independent as much as possible. This helps them to perform daily tasks with ease.

Rehabilitation usually starts within a day or two of the stroke. Physical therapy can help stroke survivors regain strength, coordination, balance, and control of movement.

Before you leave the hospital, a hospital social worker will meet with you and your family to assess what type of rehabilitation programs and living situation you will need while recovering from a stroke.

Recovery Time

Recovery time completely depends on your condition. It may take days, weeks or even years.

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