One of the ten most common and aggressive type of cancer in Thailand is Leukemia which is why the best and affordable hospitals can be found here. 

Almurshidi Medical Agency is partnered with the best specialists and hospitals in Thailand that is why many foreign nationals are very eager to travel here for the treatment.

What is Leukemia?

This is characterized by an abnormal increase of immature white blood cells without a clear cause. This is a cancer which starts in the bone marrow. 

Having a high level of white blood cells results to reduce the creation of regular cells, red blood cells, normal white blood cells and platelets.  If not cured immediately, this will lead to the following

  1. Anemic
  2. Unusual bleeding
  3. More susceptible to infection
  4. Speed up blood flow
  5. Complications in liver, spleen, lymph nodes

How to treat Leukemia?

The treatment is based on the age and current health status of the patient which will be considered by the doctors.

The following are the available options:

  1. Targeted Therapy – using tyrosine kinase inhibitors which is a medicine targeting the cancer cells without damaging the normal cells
  2. Chemotherapy – there are 2 types of chemotherapy to kill the cell so the bone marrow will begin to produce normal cells
    1. Injection into a vein
    1. Injection into the spinal chord
  3. Stem Cell Transplantation – allowing relative or donor to provide healthy cells to the patient while the cancer is inactive

What are the types of Leukemia? Separated in 2 parts as by duration and cell type

  1. By duration:
    • Acute Leukemia
    • Chronic Leukemia
  2. By cell type:

Can I travel to Thailand for this procedure?

Yes, you can visit the Kingdom anytime and Almushidi Medical Agency is here to assist you!

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