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The world has been infected by COVID19 for almost 3 years.  This pandemic disease is spread thru infected person’s mouth or nose when they speak, sneeze, breath, cough, etc.  Touching contaminated surfaces then touching your eyes, nose or mouth, might also cause you to be infested.  Which is why, nowadays, we cannot go out from our home without wearing the face mask or face shield. 

But, are there least measures to prevent us from being infected by this disease?

The following are some of the simple yet effective preparations to minimize the possibility of being ill due to COVID19. 

1. Use nasal spray or inhaler

a. Difflam Spray – Sore throat is one of the symptoms of a COVID19 patient and this can be prevented using Difflam Spray.  This is composed of Benzylamine which acts as analgesic and anti-inflammatory mouth and nose treatment.

b. Nasol Nebuliser – Patients who have asthma are more prone to COVID19 that is why he/she has to have a handy nebulizer on his pocket or bag.  This is the best hypoallergenic that is used when the nose is heavily packed.

c. Peppermint Field Inhaler – This is to reduce or clear the clogged nose

2. Have a regular check-up

a. Almurshidi Medical Agency offers the best doctors and hospitals for all the kinds of medical treatment that the patients need.  This includes also the regular check-up for the patient. 


It is always the best to prevent than to cure, especially on this pandemic time that almost all of the hospitals are occupied by COVID19 patients thus, Almushidi Medical Agency is encouraging everyone to strictly follow government measures and ensure to be healthy by exercising the above-mentioned recommendation.  

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