Eating food is one of the happy pills the people in this era are being used to.  However, nowadays, many are more focused on their daily activities which exercise and healthy lifestyle are being compromised. 

How to get a sexy body without exercise?

Almurshidi Medical Agency is partnered with one of the best hospitals in Thailand offering the Gastric Balloon procedure to alternate the exercise and diet for the patients who cannot perform these activities and habit.  This is also applicable to those patients whose BMI is between 30 to 50 and patients who have history of stomach surgery.  But this needs a long-term commitment to meet a healthier lifestyle. 

What are the benefits of Gastric Balloon procedure?

  1. Over 24 kg weight loss can be attained within a year
  2. Safe and effective weight loss procedure all over the world
  3.  No need for drugs and injections
  4. This is painless, scarless and non-surgical
  5. Since being obese and overweight cause complication, having this procedure prevent you from the following illness
    1. Cardiovascular disease and stroke
    1. Sleep apnea
    1. High blood pressure
    1. Type 2 diabetes

How does Gastric Balloon procedure work?

There is a saline-filled silicone inserted to the patient’s stomach which limits the food intake and make the patient feel full quicker.

Can I travel to Thailand to perform this procedure?

Yes, you can visit the Kingdom anytime and Almurshidi Medical Agency is here to assist you!

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