Best Colonoscopy and Endoscopy Procedure in Thailand

Colonoscopy is widely used for the diagnosis and treatment for colon disorders. 

Getting the proper visual of the mucosa of the large intestine and distal terminal ileum is usually possible during colonoscopy.

It is the most preferred method in the USA when trying to detect colorectal cancer.

Polypectomy can also be removed during colonoscopy reducing the risk for colon cancer. 

Colonoscopy is preferred when evaluating the colon in most adult patients with iron deficiency anemia, positive results on colorectal cancer screening tests, large-bowel symptoms, abnormal results on radio graphic studies of the colon and diagnosis and surveillance in inflammatory bowel disease.

When undergoing colonoscopy adequate bowel cleansing is necessary for the efficacy of colonoscopy. Having a clean bowel before going under colonoscopy has shown adequate results than those that didn’t have adequate bowel preparations.

Patients’ understanding and willingness to participate in colonoscopy as well as the doctor’s ability could greatly impact the outcome of the procedure.

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