Best Hip Joint Replacement Surgery Recovery in Thailand

Hip joint pain is most common to elderlies because the hip joint deteriorates as we get older. As the condition worsens, patients experience chronic pain that often leads to sedentary lifestyle. 

Symptoms of hip joint damage are most commonly present in one or more areas of the groin, lower back, inside the hip joint and thigh.

Hip Joint Pain Treatment

When suffering from hip pains, current medical advances have suggested that hip joint replacements eliminate the problem.

Hip joint replacement surgery is a procedure where a doctor will surgically remove the painful joint and replace it with an artificial joint often made from plastic and metal components.

It is usually offered when all other previous treatment has failed to bring good results.

The Recovery

Most of those who have undergone hip joint replacement are able to walk within the same day or next day of the surgery and can get back to normal activities within the first 3-6 weeks of total hip joint replacement surgery.

Thailand offers a wide variety of hospitals and clinics offering hip joint replacement surgeries. Offering less pain and less recovery time.

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