Best Hyperhidrosis Treatment in Thailand

Hyperhidrosis is abnormal excessive sweating that’s not necessarily related to heat or exercise. A person may sweat so much that it soaks through their clothes or drips off their hands.

Besides disrupting normal daily activities, this type of sweating can cause social anxiety and embarrassment.

Excessive sweating from the underarms or of the palms and sole of the feet affects an estimated 2%-3% of Americans. Underarm problems tend to start in late adolescence, while palm and sole sweating often begins earlier, around the age 13.

If left untreated, these problems may continue throughout life. 

Types of Hyperhidrosis

The excessive sweating associated with hyperhidrosis is normally most active in hands, feet, armpits, and the groin because of their relatively high concentration of sweat glands. 

  • Focal Hyperhidrosis – when the excessive sweating is localized. For example, palmoplantar hyperhidrosis is excessive sweating of the palms and soles. 
  • Generalized Hyperhidrosis – excessive sweating that affects the entire body.


Signs and symptoms of hyperhidrosis may include:

  • Clammy or wet palms of the hands
  • Clammy or wet soles of the feet
  • Frequent sweating
  • Noticeable sweating that soaks through clothing 

People with hyperhidrosis might experience the following;

  • Irritating and painful skin problems, such as fungal or bacterial infections
  • Worrying about having stained clothing
  • Reluctant to make physical contact
  • Self-conscious


If an underlying medical condition is contributing to the problem that condition will be treated first. If no clear cause can be found, treatment focuses on controlling excessive sweating. 


Drugs used to treat hyperhidrosis includes;

  • Prescription antiperspirant
  • Prescription creams
  • Nerve-blocking medications
  • Antidepressants
  • Botulinum toxin injections

Surgical and Other Procedures 

  • Microwave therapy 
  • Sweat gland removal
  • Nerve surgery (sympathectomy)

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