Best Osteosarcoma Treatment in Thailand

Osteosarcoma is a type of bone cancer that begins in the cells that form bones. Osteosarcoma is most often found in the long bones — more often the legs, but sometimes the arms — but it can start in any bone. In very rare instances, it occurs in soft tissue outside the bone. 

Osteosarcoma tends to occur in teenagers and young adults, but it can occur in younger children and older adults. Osteosarcomas range from low grade tumors that only require surgery to high grade tumors that require an aggressive treatment regimen. 


Osteosarcoma can develop as a result of radiation to an area of the body. It can also be associated with specific genetic changes and diseases.

Osteosarcoma Subtypes 

Doctors divide osteosarcoma into three subtypes, based on what cells look like under a microscope;

  • High-grade Osteosarcoma : this is the fastest-growing type, with cells that look unusual. Most osteosarcomas in children and teens are high-grade. 
  • Low-grade Osteosarcomas : these grow slowly. The cells look more like regular bone. 
  • Intermediate-grade Osteosarcoma : this is in between high and low-grade tumors. It’s rare. 


Warning signs include:

  • Swelling or lumps around bones or the ends of bones
  • Bone or joint pain or soreness. This pain may come and go for months
  • Broken bones without a clear reason

Patients may also have pain at night or after they exercise. They might have a limp if osteosarcoma affects their legs.


Osteosarcoma treatment typically involves surgery and chemotherapy. Radiation therapy might be an option in certain situations. 

Surgery – the goal of surgery is to remove all of the cancer cells. Operations used to treat osteosarcoma include; 

  • Surgery to remove the cancer only (limb-sparing surgery). 
  • Surgery to remove the affected limb (amputation). 
  • Surgery to remove the lower portion of the leg (rotationplasty). 

Chemotherapy – it uses drugs to kill cancer cells. 

Radiation Therapy – it uses high-energy beams, such as X-rays and protons, to kill cancer cells. 

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