Best Rhinoplasty in Thailand

Rhinoplasty also known as nose job is a form of plastic surgery being done for two purpose; 

  • Reconstructive surgery which restores the forms and function of the nose.
  • Cosmetic surgery which improves the appearance of the nose.

Reconstructive Surgery 

The main purpose of reconstructive surgery for the nose is to resolve nasal injuries caused by various traumas including blunt and penetrating trauma and caused by blast injury. Reconstructive surgery also treats birth defects, breathing problems and failed primary rhinoplasties.

Cosmetic Surgery     

Cosmetic rhinoplasty aims to have the shape and proportion of the nose balanced to that of the entire face.

Our nose is in the center of the face which one sees first when looking at the face. Its proportion and shape is detrimental to the aesthetic of our physical features. The usual reason for rhinoplasty is for reconstructive surgery fixing birth defects or breathing problems such as bumps, deviated nasal septum or a sinus condition.

Getting rhinoplasty for cosmetic reasons is also common as most would like to have either a pointy nose or a small nose and the  main reason for cosmetic surgery is to enhance physical features that one may not feel enough for them to be confident with.

Thailand is one of the leading countries when it comes to plastic surgeries. Offering various surgeries at an affordable price.

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