Hip replacement is procedure to replace worn out or torn joint with an artificial joint. It is done when all other treatments fail to relieve pain. First hip replacement surgery was done in 1960, was one of the most successful surgery in medicine. With the improvement in technology effectiveness of hip replacement surgery has been greatly increased.

It is done when you are under anesthesia.

Anterior VS Posterior Replacement

In anterior hip replacement surgery incision is made at front side. Surgeon makes 4-6 inches incision on upper thigh. Surgery takes 90 to 100 minutes.

In posterior hip surgery incision is made at back side. Surgeon makes 4-6 inch incision behind the hip along the buttock area. Most of the patients undergo this type of surgery. It takes about 60-70 minutes to do this surgery.


Main goal of this surgery is to relieve severe pain which can’t be controlled by other treatments and restore mobility. People with severe pain from degenerative joint disease may not be able to do normal activities that involve bending at the hip. These activities include walking and sitting.


This surgery requires you to stay in hospital for several days .People who undergo hip replacement surgery are able to walk on same or next day of surgery. Total recovery is possible within 3 to 6 weeks of surgery. It’s important for patients to comply with therapists instructions about exercise for proper recovery.


Cost of hip replacement can vary, depending on your health at time of surgery.

Success Rate

Success rate of this surgery is very high. Almost 95% people who experienced this surgery felt relief from hip pain. The success rate of hip replacements 10 years after surgery is 90- 95% and at 20 years 80-85%.According to research more than 3,00,000 hip replacements are performed every year in United States.

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