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Several common and life-threatening conditions can be treated successfully if detected early. The essence of regular medical check-up is to evaluate the state of your wellbeing, screen for underlying diseases and risk factors and provide preventive actions depending on the individuals’ age. Medical check-up is a thorough physical examination involving a set of tests performed on the body.  

This helps prevent the onset of the disease, scan your bio-history, interpret signals and provide the opportunity to distinguish life threatening conditions as early as possible. 

Health checks does not only promote better health but also improve doctor-patient relationship. Doing a full body check-up can allow the doctor to provide health counselling about living healthy life and how you can avoid dangerous habits such as alcoholism, tobacco addiction and healthy diet. 

We partnered with more than 80 hospitals and clinics in more than 9 countries that provides top quality medical check-up for you and your family. We make sure that you will have seamless and hassle-free experience when doing a medical check-up in any of our hospitals network. 

These are some basic information needed when doing a health check-up: 

Past Medical History: the doctor will review all your past medications and medical procedures such as surgeries. 

Family History of Diseases: this is important for the doctor to know in order to give them an idea about the disease that are hereditary in your family 

Lifestyle Information: this includes your working style, where you work, living conditions at home and work-life balance in general as these things can influence your health condition 

Habits: you will be asked about your habits such as the use of recreational drugs, smoking, sexual habits, active lifestyle etc. 

Normal Bodily Functions: your daily body functions such as sleeping, eating, bowel movements, hearing, visions etc. 

Clinical History: the doctor will regularly update your medical record for future reference at each health check up and take past preventive procedures done to improve your health condition. 

Health check-up is not a choice but a requirement to keep your health status in check. 

We at Almurshidi Medical Tourism Agency make it easy for you and your family to find the best hospitals and clinic experience from our partners. Using our services will put your mind at ease knowing that we will work hard in finding the most suitable doctors for your medical concerns, including free estimate, making an appointment and providing several medical opinions at no cost. 

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