Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Foot ulcers are a common complication of  diabetes that cannot be controlled through diet, exercise, and insulin treatment however this can be prevented by taking care of this.

Ulcers are formed as a result of skin tissue breaking down and exposing the layers underneath and they can affect your feet down to the bones.

What are the causes of diabetic foot ulcers?

Ulcers in patients with diabetes are most commonly caused by the following:

  • nerve damage – a long-term effect and can lead to a loss of feeling in your feet
  • high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) – can slow the healing process of an infected foot ulcer, so blood sugar management is critical
  • poor circulation – a form of vascular disease in which blood doesn’t flow to your feet efficiently
  • irritated or wounded feet

How to prevent diabetic foot ulcers?

The patients can prevent having diabetic foot ulcer by doing the following:

  • keep tight control of blood sugar level
  • check feet every day (look for blisters, cuts, bruises, cracked and peeling skin, redness and swelling)
  • examine parts of feet that are difficult to see by using mirror or asking help from companion
  • feet should be clean and dry and soaking should be avoided
  • apply moisturizing lotion or cream to preserve skin tone and prevent cracked skin

What are the complications of diabetic foot ulcers?

  • If diabetic foot ulcers left untreated,  eventually causes chronic ulcers which will not heal.
  • The foot ulcers will be infected easily if the patients have uncontrolled blood sugar level.

How to treat diabetic foot ulcers?

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