Liver Cancer

“Liver failure” and “Lover failure”

Complication of both hurt the same.

The liver is the largest organ in the human body. The liver has many essential functions in the body including processing of many of the body’s waste products (or toxins) to make them harmless. It helps regulate the energy and fluid stores in the body.

Since the liver plays an important role in human body, one should be careful not to suffer on liver cancer. However, as much as we want to escape from this disease, we cannot control having this in our lives.

What are the causes of liver cancer?

1.Primary liver cancer – when the cancer begins in the cells of the liver itself, it is called primary liver cancer. This usually occurs in a liver in which cirrhosis (or scarring) has developed. This category has different types such as:

Causes of liver cancer depend on the type of it. There are two categories of liver cancer which are:

  • Hepatomas
  • Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC)
  • Cholangiocarcinoma

2. Secondary liver cancer (metastatic liver cancer) – when liver cancer starts in cells in other organs of the body but then spreads to the liver. When this is not treated on the early stage, this type of cancer may occur.

What are the common symptoms of liver cancer?

It is often that the liver cancer has no symptoms from most of the patients unless the doctor performed some blood tests or observed during a scan. But to some, they experience the following:

  • discomfort or pain in the upper part of the abdomen
  • jaundice (a condition in which the skin, whites of the eyes and mucous membranes turn yellow)
  • feeling sick
  • notice a lump in the upper part of the abdomen, or under the rib cage on the right hand side

Diagnosis for liver cancer – Before knowing the treatment to be performed for the liver cancer, the specialists should diagnose the patients by the following tests:

How to treat the liver cancer?

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