Suffering from stubborn blemishes and melasma? Amela Ex is the right product for you! 

Amela Ex is a blemish and anti-melasma cream formulated from the latest innovation for melanin control. 

This product helps in lightening the skin, reduces melasma and the appearance of freckles and dark spots after the first week of use with significant results within 3 weeks. 

It improves and diminishes the appearance of uneven skin discoloration, melasma, freckles and dark age marks when used regularly. 

Clinically proven to help boost skin’s own natural moisture renewal system and protect skin from further darkening and environmental damage. 

The formula does not contain any dangerous or prohibited whitening agents as cadmium. Hydroquinone, retinoic acid or AHA.

Directions for Use

  • Clean your face thoroughly.
  • Apply a small amount of Amela-Ex Anti Melasma cream onto the affected area. Wait until dry and then add another layer of the cream on your entire face. Repeat this process every morning before applying make-up and every night before bedtime. 


  • Causative factors of melasma formation such as sunlight, contraceptives or others should be avoided if possible. 
  • Amela-Ex cream should be used prior to other skin nourishing creams. 
  •  It is advisable to continuously use Amela-Ex anti melasma cream to prevent any future formation of melasma as well as to nourish the skin and maintain its smoothness, softness and moisture. 
  • In case you might be exposed to sunlight, Amela-Ex cream should be used together with a sun cream. 

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