Bigens Mens Cream Color

Grey hair comes as a natural part of aging, however most men would like to continue having the youthful look without the stubborn grey hairs despite their age. 

Bigens Men’s Cream Color helps with maintaining the suave and chic look with its variety of natural hair colors especially made for men!

It promotes smart saving as men can dye their entire hair or only partially and the remainder of the cream can be kept for future use as it doesn’t dry out immediately. 

Easy and speedy application for those who are always on the go, it comes with a mini comb which makes it easier to apply even on sideburns and wavy hair. Applying is convenient as it only takes about 10 minutes for the development time. 

It is safe and doesn’t have the harsh odor that is present when using other hair coloring brands. This product has a long lasting effect from roots to ends finishing off with a natural look. 

It comes in colors of Natural Black (101), Brown Black (102), and Dark Brown (103). 

The box contains a one push bottle, nozzle, special brush, washing syringe, gloves and instruction leaflet. 

Directions for Use;

  • Dispense the cream onto the special brush
  • Start application from the grayest area. 
  • Add more cream, apply it to the hair repeatedly. 
  • Use the edge of the brush to apply the cream to the hairlines and temples. 
  • Wait for 5 minutes and rinse the hair thoroughly. 
  • Perfect gray coverage with a natural look. 

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