BNH International Hospital is a first class healthcare provider, fully equipped with professional medical staff and state-of-the-art equipment, as well as a diverse network of partners both at home and abroad. 

The BNH International Hospital, formerly known as the Bangkok Nursing Home Hospital, was established originally to provide nursing care for expatriates. The hospital, opened by the British Ambassador to Thailand in 1898, was The First Private International Hospital with international standards of Western medicine in the Kingdom of Siam (Thailand).

It has received accreditation for medical quality and performance both at home (HA) and abroad (JCI)), resulting in an increasing number of international patients.  BNH has developed the specialist expertise to become a “Centre of Excellence”.

BNH Hospital has retained its identity. That extra special touch has been handed down from generation to generation, as well as medical expertise especially in maternity care, pediatrics, and gynecology. From the past to the present, BNH has always been the forefront of midwifery care in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Based on the needs of expatriates seeking quality medical treatment; a small nursing home offering non-profit treatments to foreigners living in Thailand was founded in 1898 under the royal patronage of King Rama V and supported wholeheartedly by King Rama VI; quickly earning trust and respect from the expat communities.

BNH proudly stands as the leader in women’s health care from prevention to treatment however simple or complex. To this end BNH provides a safe, feel good experience of healing and continues to hold and maintain the royal wish in providing the Thai people and foreigners with standards of international healthcare.

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