Endoscopic Gastrointestinal Procedure

An upper GI Endoscopy or Gastroscopy is a test that allows the endoscopist to look directly at the lining of the gullet (oesophagus), stomach, and first part of the small intestine (duodenum). The colonoscopy is an examination of the large bowel (colon). The upper GI Endoscopy will commonly be the first procedure undertaken but there is no set rule and the order may depend on the order the endoscopist deems best for you.

GASTROSCOPY. A slim flexible tube with a light on the end is gently passed from your mouth into your stomach. Pictures from the tube are shown on a TV monitor and a clear view of your gullet, stomach and duodenum can be seen.

COLONOSCOPY. This is an examination of the large bowel using a long, flexible tube called a Colonoscope. The tube allows the colon to be viewed directly and for pictures of the lining and samples of the tissues to be taken.


  1. Blood tests are sometimes required.
  2. Medications can be given by vein if needed.
  3. Please arrange for a ride home.
  4. Upper endoscopy: No food or drink is allowed for six hours before the procedure.
  5. Colonoscopy: Drink only clear liquids for at least 24 hours before the procedure.

An upper endoscopy /gastroscopy takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes. A colonoscopy takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes.  Patients remain in the recovery area 30 to 40 minutes after their procedure.

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