Mali Interdisciplinary Hospital major principle, about balancing hormone levels to repair and regenerate bodily function basic health care and treatment of disease about the Regenerative medicine or the Anti-aging Treatments.

Mali Interdisciplinary Hospital in Bangkok, Thailand is the first hospital in the new concept of health care (Regenerative medicine) which is used together with modern medicine to cure disease.  This institution do not just treat disease but take innovation to new treatments for degeneration of the body which take care patients and individual health care as holistic, interdisciplinary expert of various fields working together for prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.

The name Mali Interdisciplinary Hospital comes from the name of Dr. Mali Wirojskoolchai who is a specialist of regenerative medicine or Anti-aging . More than 15 years of experience which has founded that regenerative medicine is the best way for un-answering diseases including for personal health care for all.

As our medical tourism partner, for patients we have a one-on-one planning coordinator ready to answer all questions and provide a step by step agenda of whole medical trip. Offering our clients services and consultation with high-quality care. Now we have served hundred of clients. We always provide with the personalized care everyone deserve.

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