V-Line Surgery

People (especially women) nowadays are conscious to their looks, especially when having a date or meeting special someone.  And to those who are eager to do the procedure, Thailand is the number one country to visit as here they offer the most affordable and quality surgery for the patient.

This surgery is a combination of jaw surgery and chin surgery, creating a more feminine jawline.  It is commonly requested by most of the Asians.

To do this surgery, it is a key to find a trained provider since not all plastic surgeon have been trained to do this, which is why here is Almurshidi Medical Agency to provide your needs.

The Procedure

This is major operation for in-patient under general anesthesia. This takes 3 to 5 hours to be completed.  External incisions are not needed.  The chin is narrowed and sharpened to its contour forming into a T-shape while the jaw is cut based on the desired look.


This is a major surgery which has low risk of complications; however, the effect varies from person to person.  It is advised to always consult to the doctor, once side effects have occurred.

Can I travel to Thailand for the procedure?

Yes, you can visit the Kingdom anytime and Almurshidi Medical Agency is here to assist you!

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