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Almurshidi Medical Agency announced the launch of its one week medical, tourism, and leisure program. The medical tourism market has witnessed an exponential growth in Thailand in recent years, to capitalize on the high demand in the sector, the agency is putting at the disposal of the general public, a program that caters to their medical treatment needs as well as their desire for tourism. Participants will have access to state-of-the-art medical facilities across the country and world class doctors that work with Almurshidi.

According to statistics from a 2012 research, by the Thailand Ministry of Public Health, and the Kasikorn Research Center found that 2,530,000 international patients traveled to Thailand for medical treatment.
The top five nationalities were; Japan,U.S., UK, GCC states and Australia.

Medical tourism generated revenues of  approximately 4 Billion USD. To be part of this huge market share, our company is taking things a step further by bringing together two of the most important sectors in Thailand, medical care and leisure tourism in one package.

‘’This is a very promising program, the whole idea behind medical tourism is to cut cost, the numbers show that 80%o f those who engage in medical tourism are driven by medical cost, surveys also reveal that  90% of patients and their companions who travel for medical purposes indulge in tourism activities’’.

to join our program please contact us at +66822004040 ( calls or WhatsApp) or use the contact form below


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