Oriental Princess was officially established in 1990 as the first Specialty Store in Thailand. It became the #1 leader in the beauty retail market. Oriental Princess has been the most sought brand by our valued customers across the world. Due to the popular demand of this brand, we sold out thousands of products. We received 100% positive feedbacks from our customers and we are happy to inform you that Oriental Princess products are back on stock and are ready to be sent worldwide.

Oriental Princess products are made from natural extracts from Eastern Thailand. Combining innovation and research under the cutting-edge production technology in order to obtain products for beauty pampering and care, hair, face, body, fragrance products and make up. The answer for all women and men lifestyle needs.

Oriental Princess goes under the slogan “Women don’t stop being beautiful”, Supporting and strengthening women to love themselves.

Our company, Almurshidi Medical Agency, stands with the well-known values and we are happy to spread the positivity and quality products of Oriental Princess. We ship their products worldwide, hassle and stress free!

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