Geriatric Care

Facing the reality of our lives, we cannot deny that aging will come to our way. As much as we want to prolong our breath, older adults still encounter many potential health issues such as:

  • chronic conditions as high blood pressure and diabetes,
  • risk of stroke and heart disease
  • susceptible to age-associated conditions including osteoporosis and dementia that are correlated with age

What make these hospitals exceptional?

Almurshidi Medical Agency ensures that we will offer you the best hospitals in Thailand which:

  • Provide holistic care for older adults ( from primary health and preventive care to consultation for medical issues affecting older adults, such as continence, mobility or memory concerns)
  • Patients are served by a multidisciplinary team headed by experienced physicians and supported by a clinical nurse specialist, clinical pharmacist, nutritionist and physical therapist
  • Specialists work together to ensure complex health issues are managed in a coordinated fashion.
  • Comprehensive medical assessment by specialists focusing on common age-associated conditions such as dementia, depression and osteoporosis;
  • Screening assessment for early memory impairment;
  • Screening questionnaire and evaluation for depression;
  • Assessment of fall risk and consultation for risk reduction and prevention;
  • Nutritional risk assessment and advice by physicians and nutritionist;
  • Clinical pharmacist evaluation for medication dosage optimization, assessment of potential medication hazards and interactions in older adult patients;
  • Vaccinations relevant to older patients;
  • Pre-operative assessment and post-operative follow-up care for older patients requiring surgery;
  • Coordination with partner organizations to assist with design changes or safety modifications to home living space specific to the needs of older adults;
  • Consultation and assistance regarding living wills and palliative care.

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