Neo Hair Lotion

Hair is the human’s crowning glory because it makes a lot of difference to a person’s appearance. It reflects one’s personality and style. Without this, someone feel being incomplete.

Sometimes, others are being bullied due this condition. No one would like this to be a life-time burden in their lives. In a worst case, some suffered to anxiety or depression when they started losing confidence due to this problem.

What are the causes?

  • heredity
  • hormonal changes
  • aging


  • use Neo Hair Lotion

Direction of Use:

  1. Shower and clean head
  2. Premassage and comb
  3. Spray lotion

What are the benefits of Neo Hair Lotion?

  • it is best selling product in Thailand
  • cost effective and natural
  • best in global market
  • ensure to get your dream crowning glory in 4-5 months
  • help in accelerating the growth
  • strengthen the scalp

Precaution Tips:

  • DO NOT use any soap before using the product
  • Shampoo is not also allowed to use
  • Using baby soap is advisable
  • Continues (without missed days) in using the product
  • Use this for a minimum of 3 months

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