Medical Checkup

The center combines world-class medical, wellness, and preventive services establishing the most complete, streamlined, one-stop service experience available serving 60,000 people annually.

Almushidi Medical Agency will help you find the best hospitals Thailand which fit all types of patients depending on your life stage, gender, and healthcare needs.

Just a few of the services available at the Health Screening Center include:

  • Thorough physical examinations
  • Patient history assessments
  • Internationally certified laboratory testing, including tumor markers
  • Comprehensive imaging services (Mammography Ultrasonography Chest X-ray Upper Gastrointestinal Series)
  • Thin Prep Pelvic Examination by certified Gynecologists
  • Eye Examination by board certified Ophthalmologists
  • Vaccination
  • VitalLife Wellness Checkups and Screenings
  • Cancer Screenings
  • Hormone Screening and Rebalancing
  • Vitality Comprehensive Check-up Package
  • Longevity Index Program
  • Micronutrient Testing
  • Toxin Screening Program

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