Colon Cancer

The colon is also called as the large bowel or large intestine. The colon removes water, salt, and some nutrients forming stool. This part of the human body plays an important role to an individual that is why it is very vital to take care of this organ.

In Thailand, cancer in colon is the most widespread cancer in both men and women maybe due to the lifestyle habits that include:

  • high diet of fatty and red meats with little to no fruit and vegetables
  • high energy foods
  • lack of exercise
  • obesity
  • smoking
  • alcohol consumption

People with the following conditions are at risk of colon cancer:

  • with a family history of colon cancer
  • polyps in the colon area
  • congenital conditions
  • inflammatory bowel disease
  • Crohn’s disease

To detect the stomach cancer earlier, one should seek medical diagnosis if experiencing of the above-mentioned conditions and if have these symptoms below:

  • feces accompanied by blood
  • constipation without cause
  • chances in feces size and shape
  • pain when flexing to poo
  • persistent abdominal discomfort
  • weakness or fatigue
  • unexplained weight loss

Is colon cancer treatable?

Yes, from Almurshidi Medical Agency‘s previous article, it has been said that surgery is one of the recommended treatment for the cancers like colon cancer. Surgical treatment will be in accordance to location of cancer such as Rt. Extended Hemicolectomy, Transverse colon, Transverse colectomy, Lt. Hemicolectomy, Sigmoidectomy, Sigmoidectomy with Hartman’s pouch.

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