Colon Cancer Surgery

“Scars are tattoos with better stories.” This saying implies that having a scar which is caused not by tattoos is better like having a surgery especially when the reason is treating your cancer.

Surgery is the traditional way to treat cancer patients which is still used by most of the hospitals today.  Sometimes, even the patient opt to use another treatment, still the surgery is necessary since this is normally given at the first phase of treatment to prevent the spread of cancer cells.

The Surgical Oncology Centers in Thailand aim to provide care to cancer patients by applying the latest medical technology in a compassionate environment which make this popular among the country.

Surgery can be combined with other cancer treatments such as:

  1. Radiotherapy or Radiation Therapy – this therapy uses radiation to control the cancer cells.  To minimize the side effects of radiation, a new technique which is known as IMRT or Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy was invented.
  2. Chemotherapy – this therapy is intended for those patients who don’t want to undergo major surgery.  This is used to shrink the cancer mass until it is small enough to be removed by minor surgery.
  3. Stem Cell Transplantation – this is usually used to treat leukemia, aplastic anemia, lymphoma, and bone marrow cancer
  4. Immunotherapy – this enhances the immune system of the patients with the help of vaccines, T-cell engineering, or monoclonal antibodies to fight the illness.
  5. Hormonal Therapy – this treatment is for prostate cancer, thyroid cancer, and breast cancer as this lowers, increases, or balances the hormone inside the body which slows down the growth of cancer cells.

Why choose these hospitals?

Aside from being advanced in medical technology, Almurshidi Medical Agency find these hospitals which provide experienced surgical oncologists supported by a multidisciplinary medical team who take into account emotional, as well as physical aspects of cancer treatment.

What cancers can be treated by these hospitals?

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