COVID19 RT-PCR: Reverse Transcription–polymerase Chain Reaction is one of the most accurate laboratory methods for detecting, tracking and studying the COVID19.

Upon arrival to your Alternative State Quarantine (ASQ) Hotel, you are required to undergo this test to check if you are infected by COVID19.

How long will it take for the result of COVID19 RT-PCR?

The result will be given within 24-48 hours with the price starting from 3,900 Thailand Baht. But if you would like to include Antibody test, this will be 4,500 Thailand Baht.

You can also choose Antibody test only which price starts 1,500 Thailand Baht. The result is available within 1-2 hours.

What are the documents needed?

Almurshidi Medical Agency is always glad to serve you so we request the customer to provide us the following:

  • Copy of passport
  • Flight ticket copy
  • Preferred specific time for your test

Things to remember:

Please ensure the following is taken into consideration before you book the date and time of your test since sometimes, the airlines has sudden changes to the flight:

  • your travel date and time,
  • rules and regulation of your airline,
  • rules and regulation of your destination

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