Medical Treatment
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The best medical services in Thailand are offered by Almurshidi Medical Agency.

Why Visit Thailand?

Thailand has become one of the leading countries for medical tourism due to certain reasons:

  1. Affordable Cost – Health is a big no to be compromised but no one would like to throw a million while he can spend thousands instead.  One of the reasons why foreign nationals visit Thailand is due to its lower cost for medical treatment as compared to western countries.
  2. Doctors with High and International Experience – Most Thai doctors study abroad so they acquired different skills and approaches to medicine
  3. Hospitals – Thailand has the most strategic application of Architecture and it shows in their facility.  The ambiance of the hospitals helps the patient feel better, calm, cozy as if you are in a high-end hotel.
  4. Surgery – A lot of surgeries are available in Thailand which cost lesser than in other countries
  5. Accessibility – Thailand is one of the most visited countries for the Aussies as this is accessible to their location.  Thai Airways has non-stop flights daily from their major cities as Sydney and Melbourne to Bangkok.
  6. Others (First-Class Dentistry, Spine and Orthopedic Treatment, Advance Technology, Cosmetic Surgery, Stem Cells, etc.)
Medical Treatment

Why do foreign nationals visit Thailand?

  1. Chinese
  2. Aussies
  3. Arab
  4. Japanese

How to enter the Kingdom of Thailand?

As Thailand is soon to reopen on October 2021 since 70% of people are expected to be vaccinated by the end of October 2021, still, Covid19 Insurance is mandatory to enter the Kingdom to obtain the Certificate of Entry of COE.  Another prerequisite for Thai and Foreign nationals is to undergo quarantine at any of the accredited Alternative State Quarantine or ASQ Hotels accredited for the Ministry of Health.  For further details about COVID19 insurance, please click here.

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